Saturday Thoughts

From reader to writer. Comics have influenced the way I create.


Inspiration. It’s that intangible thing that hits everyone from time to time. Most of us recognize it but don’t do anything with it. Some jump at it and start using it but they end up fizzling out just as quick. Then there are those who grab hold of it with both hands and wrestle itContinue reading “Inspiration”

Looking Ahead

The holidays are behind us and a brand new year is ahead of us. How are you going to tackle 2020? I’m still working on figuring that out. I’m 90% done with the first draft of my book. Time has gotten away from me. Between the holidays, work and family obligations finding time to writeContinue reading “Looking Ahead”

A Welcome Diversion

This weekend I took a break from writing to work on another project. Something I haven’t done in a while that needed my attention. Organizing my comic book collection. Comic books sparked my imagination and set me on my path of writing. While I started writing later than most the seeds were planted way backContinue reading “A Welcome Diversion”

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

When it came to Christmas, I’ve always had a fake tree. My wife always had a real one. When we got married we settled on an artificial tree because it was easier at the time. So now after almost ten years of marriage we have a real one. I’ll go up into the attic andContinue reading “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

Sticking Points

I’m working on my first book. And even though I’ve had the concept for years and I’ve outlined it fairly well, there were some elements that needed some prodding. I had a villain but I couldn’t settle on a good name. I had other aspects of the story 99% done but something was missing. IContinue reading “Sticking Points”

Sunday Thoughts

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I hate snow. I loathe it. Give me 80 degrees, blue skies and a cold drink while I sit on my front porch. It does, however, have one redeeming quality. I forces me to stay inside and focus more on my writing. If it were sunny and warmContinue reading “Sunday Thoughts”

The story so far…

As of this writing I’ve just finished chapter 17. Things are not going so well for our heroes. And the villain is in bad shape too. I find that I’m really enjoying the whole writing process. It is very cathartic. I look forward to sitting down and moving my characters around the world I’m creating.Continue reading “The story so far…”

In the Beginning

Why I started writing I never planed to become a writer. As a kid growing up I was a huge comic book fan. I dreamed of waking one morning and finding out I had super powers. That never happened (obviously) and I settled into a normal kid routine. As I got older I matured andContinue reading “In the Beginning”

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